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Rooftop Tent MAGGIOLINA Airlander Plus - Small OFFER
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What is Maggiolina?

The Autohome Maggiolina roof tent, a hard shell construction, is still traditionally handcrafted from fiberglass. This method ensures excellent quality. The roof shells of the Maggiolina do not age, do not deform under the influence of heat, are UV-resistant and colorfast.

Material of Maggiolina Roof Tent

The Maggiolina hard shell roof tent from Autohome is made of a special fiberglass weave, treated with liquid resins or polyester - also known as "fiberglass reinforced plastic". This material is far superior to conventional plastic. It efficiently protects the inside of the tent from cold and heat and is resistant to various cleaning agents.

The tent fabric made of Dralon® is waterproof, resistant, and breathable. It effortlessly withstands strong storms, wind, and heat. The construction of the Maggiolina roof tents offers spaciousness, comfort, and safety.

Models of Maggiolina

Various models of Maggiolina hard shell roof tents differ in dimensions, colors, volume, space capacity, and load capacity. A characteristic feature of these tents is choosing between two opening techniques: crank and gas pressure spring. The crank allows for an even opening of the shell from one point, while the gas spring version, especially in the "Air Top" model, allows for faster lifting of the shell in two phases.

Maggiolina Airlander Roof Tent

The Maggiolina Airlander hard shell roof tents impress with their aerodynamic design and the combination of blue and white fabric. In the closed state, only the white hard shell is visible. Opened, the distinctive blue fabric is revealed. Despite the weight-saving construction, which is also suitable for smaller cars, they offer a generous interior space.

Features of Maggiolina Airlander Roof Tent

  • 2 entrances and 2 windows, each with a zipper and mosquito net
  • Opening of the roof tent using a crank
  • Soundproof and well-insulated inner sky to prevent condensation
  • Mattress made of high-density foam with a cotton cover and pillows
  • Height-adjustable aluminum ladder, suitable for medium-sized vehicles
  • Automatic spring hooks that lock the ladder upon opening and minimize the risk of slipping
  • Wind protection strips under the entrance offer protection from dust, cold, and drafts
  • Battery-operated ceiling lamp (18x5 cm) with three bright LEDs and a rotatable reflector
  • 3 self-adjustable clasps for permanently perfect locking

Maggiolina Airlander Plus Roof Tent

The Maggiolina Airlander Plus roof tent differs from the standard Airlander model with additional storage compartments, exclusively integrated into the Airlander Plus. These provide practical storage space for camping utensils. Another special feature of the Airlander Plus is the elastic cords inside, which simplify the folding of the fabric and ensure quick and uncomplicated handling.

Features of Maggiolina Airlander Plus Roof Tent

  • All basic features of the Maggiolina Airlander
  • Easy closing due to elastic cords
  • Carrying case for the ladder
  • Storage net on the inner sky

Maggiolina Airlander Plus Extreme Black Storm

The Maggiolina Airlander Extreme Black Storm offers additional features for off-road enthusiasts compared to the Airlander Plus. Notable are the two adjustable crossbars on the top, where additional material such as a spare wheel or further equipment for off-road adventures can be attached.

Features of Maggiolina Airlander Black Storm Roof Tent

  • All basic features of the Maggiolina Airlander Plus
  • Additional attachment options on the top for extra load
  • Adjustable base carriers to adapt to the load being transported
  • The possibility to attach bulky equipment on the roof and lift it with the crank

Accessories for the Maggiolina Roof Tent

Autohome has thought of everything: For days when the weather doesn't cooperate while camping, an additional awning provides protected space for cooking, eating, and sleeping. Other useful additions are a changing cabin and a sunshade for hot days. For winter camping, there is a thermal cover that provides protection from moisture, wind, and cold. This cover is easily attached with Velcro and can remain on the tent both erected and folded.

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