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How to order

Andorra Campers is a physical store with items for camping, motorhomes, caravans, tourism vehicles and campers with a wide range of products. 

We also complement our offer with our workshop for the installation and assembly of the items and accessories that we sell.

We also have an online shop where you can have products that we have listed as "ready to ship" delivered to your home. In this case, the taxes to be paid are those of the country of destination. You can place the order on our website: Even if you order on our website, you will receive an invoice from our Spanish subsidiary Distribucions Claror for a purchase to be shipped outside of Andorra.

The indicated deliveries or free deliveries of the product apply to continental Europe. Overseas territories, islands and other countries not specifically stated on the website are not included.

Andorra Campers / Distribucions Claror reserves the right to exclude free shipping for certain products that, due to their weight or volume characteristics, must be sent with specialized transport companies or alternatives in the usual conditions.

You can also place an order for collection in Andorra at This ensures that your order is ready for collection on the day you visit our store in Andorra. Remember that we are closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Taxes on items purchased in Andorra are 4.5% (IGI), the same if you collect the orders from our store as an individual.

The prices shown on the website are final prices including taxes. The Duty Free Allowances is €900 per adult, so up to this amount no tax has to be paid for importing products into Spain or France if this is done by a private buyer. If the vehicle carries more adults, the amount of the Duty Free Allowances will be multiplied by the number of occupants in the vehicle (with the value of each invoice not exceeding €900).