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  • AUTOSOCK Textile Cover

Snow Chains Metal & Textile Snow Chains

AUTOSOCK Textile Cover

Ref: VK397AU0001
Brand: Andorra Campers
53,66 €
Price for store pick up in Andorra (IGI 4,50% inclusive)

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Installation in a few minutes.

Compatible with many tire models and does not damage alloy wheels.

Reusable, durable and lightweight.


  1. Stretch the black elastic band over the top half of your tire and lower the cover, covering as much of the tire as possible.
  2. Move the vehicle until the top half of the wheel is under. Then pull the AutoSock off and place it over the remaining part of the tire.
  3. The holster will automatically self-center when you start driving.
  4. Install on the drive wheels of the vehicle.

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