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  • Battery Charger VICTRON BLUE SMART 12V/30A


Battery Charger VICTRON BLUE SMART 12V/30A

Ref: DNT-1196
Brand: Victron Energy
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The Victron Blue Smart IP22 battery charger, now equipped with integrated Bluetooth, offers 93% efficiency.

This Victron charging solution is presented as an ideal option, providing exceptional performance.

In addition, it is fully compatible with LiFePO4 lithium batteries.

Input voltage range: 180-265 VAC.

Efficiency: 93%.

No-load consumption: 0.5 W.

IP22 protection.

Measurements: 235 x 108 x 65 mm.

Weight: 1.3kg.

Warranty: 5 years warranty.

Bluetooth Smart:

Allows you to monitor voltage and current.

Facilitates setting changes and feature updates wirelessly.

High efficiency:

Efficiency up to 94%.

Generates up to four times less heat than the industry standard.

Consumption reduced to 0.5 watts once the battery is fully charged.

Adaptive battery management:

Controlled by microprocessor.

Automatic optimization of the charging process based on battery usage.

Storage mode:

Activated when the battery is not discharged within 24 hours.

Reduces float stress to prevent gassing and corrosion.

Avoids electrolyte stratification and sulfation.

Charging Li-Ion (LiFePO₄) batteries:

It uses a simple initial charge, absorption and float algorithm.

NIGHT and LOW setting:

Current reduction and silent mode in NIGHT and LOW.

NIGHT automation after 8 hours; LOW mode can be ended manually.

Overheat protection:

Current reduction as temperature increases up to 50ºC.

The charger does not fail under overheating conditions.

LED indicators:

Shows charging algorithm status and MODE button for settings.

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