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What are SumoSprings?

8 July 2024

How do SumoSprings work?

SumoSprings are a specialized accessory designed to replace the original bump stops of a vehicle:



SumoSprings yellow Fiat Ducato


SumoSprings function as a suspension component, aiming to improve load capacity and enhance overall vehicle stability. They bring about a direct improvement in both control and driving comfort. Unlike air suspensions, SumoSprings don't require ongoing maintenance, don't suffer from air loss, and don't need the use of compressors or pneumatic installations. The technology involves encapsulating air within millions of microcellular bubbles, crafted from a proprietary formula of microcellular urethane, ensuring a desired smooth and progressive suspension response.

In addition, SumoSprings collaborate with the original suspension system, sharing the load to prevent undue compression of springs and minimize wear on original components. 

The capacity of SumoSprings varies based on factors like height, diameter, and density. 

The load capacity specification for a SumoSpring denotes the kilograms or pressure required to compress the component to 50% of its original size. 

Backed by a lifetime warranty, once installed, SumoSprings demand no further maintenance, providing the assurance to drive your motorhome or camper safely.

Distinguishing between a yellow SumoSpring (MI012.SSR-313-54) and an original Fiat Ducato bump stop:


SumoSprings Fiat Ducato

[Product 2998]


Choosing the right SumoSprings for your vehicle:

  • Fiat Ducato [1994 - present]: SumoSprings in black or yellow
  • Peugeot Boxer [1994 - present]: SumoSprings in black or yellow
  • Citroën Jumper [1994 - present]: SumoSprings in black or yellow
  • Renault Master [2010 - present]: SumoSprings in black or yellow (Requires screw replacement)
  • Nissan NV400 [2010 - present]: SumoSprings in black or yellow
  • Ford Transit 363 [2014 - present]: SumoSprings in blue, black, or yellow
  • VW Crafter / MB Sprinter [2006 - 2017]: SumoSprings in 13cm or 17cm for single-wheel


Choosing the color of SumoSprings is important!

Black: The density of black SumoSprings is calibrated to achieve a suitable response to a variety of loads, from light to heavy. Ideal for vehicles that alternate between loaded and unloaded states.

Yellow: The density of yellow SumoSprings provides a firmer response, especially suitable for medium to heavy loads and vehicles or campers with a permanent load.

SumoSprings are primarily designed for the rear of the vehicle, addressing common challenges in vans or campers due to the weight of camperization. But what if the front of the vehicle is excessively loaded? No worries – SuperSprings has the solution with "Coil SumoSprings."


Coil SumoSprings before and after


Choosing the right size of Coil SumoSprings

There are two sizes of Coil SumoSprings. 

Measure the distance between the coils of the front springs to determine whether you need the reference for less than 50mm (MI012.CSS-1168) or more than 50mm (MI012.CSS-1195):

How to measure Coil SumoSprings?



In summary, the benefits of SumoSprings include:

  • Improved load capacity.
  • Enhanced vehicle stability.
  • Maintenance-free operation.
  • No need for pneumatic installation.
  • Simple and swift installation.
  • Crafted from microcellular urethane.
  • Patented product.
  • Manufactured in the USA.

Should you have any questions about the required reference or other SuperSprings products, feel free to reach out to us via email at

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