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What is the Kampa Geyser and how does it work?

30 January 2024

The Kampa Geyser is a portable water heater, perfect for any outdoor situation where you need hot water. Its operation is simple: it connects to a 12V power source, such as a car plug, then you submerge a water pump and connect a gas cylinder. This way, you quickly get hot water.

The Kampa Geyser is ideal because it heats the water by 25 degrees above its initial temperature, which is sufficient for most needs. If you need more heat, you can recirculate the water to increase the temperature.

Furthermore, it is efficient in terms of consumption. It uses little electricity for ignition and the pump, and its gas consumption is low, around 357g per hour. This makes it perfect for outdoor showers, without worrying about excessive resource consumption.



What does the Kampa Geyser kit include?

The Kampa Geyser kit includes the basic components for its operation:

  • Submersible water pump with an approximate flow of 2.5 liters per minute.
  • In the same body of the Kampa Geyser heater, there is a foldable faucet.
  • Showerhead with a 2.5 meter hose.
  • Transport bag

What do you need to use the Kampa Geyser?

Most components are included, except for a gas bottle (butane or propane) and its specific regulator. You need a regulator of 28 to 30 mbar for butane and one of 37 mbar for propane. These accessories do not come with the device and must be purchased separately.

What advantages does the Kampa Geyser offer?

Portability and versatility

The Kampa Geyser is a water heater that you can take with you everywhere, whether camping, in a mountain house, and much more. With its compact size, light weight, and integrated handles, the Kampa Geyser is very versatile. Additionally, the transport bag makes it easy to carry all accessories in an organized manner.

Versatility of use

The Kampa Geyser is not limited to outdoor showers only. Need to wash dishes, bathe your pet, or clean your sports equipment, whether it's an Enduro mountain bike or water sports gear.

Speed and efficiency

No more waiting for hot water! The Kampa Geyser has the ability to adjust the temperature between 30 and 55 degrees and provides hot water in 5 minutes, with an approximate flow of 2.5 liters per minute.


With its automatic ignition system and safety measures such as the flame sensor and anti-tilt device, the Kampa Geyser offers hot water safely. Additionally, its moderate gas consumption and affordable price make it an economical and efficient option.

How to maintain the Kampa Geyser in good condition?

It is essential to perform a thorough cleaning after each use of the Kampa Geyser. Don't forget to empty and dry both the heater and the pump to prevent the accumulation of bacteria, rust, and lime. This simple step not only ensures optimal performance with each application but also contributes to the continuous durability of the device.

Conduct an annual check of the hose and gas regulator. If you find any damages or they are expired, replace them to maintain the safety and efficiency of the device.

If you plan to store the Kampa Geyser for an extended period, disconnect the gas bottle and store it in a ventilated and dry place.


Very important: If you notice that something is not right or hear strange noises, do not attempt to fix it yourself. Take your Kampa Geyser to an authorized service for repairs.


However, if any component, such as the showerhead or water pump, breaks, we have spare parts available.

This water heater is ideal for campers and fits perfectly even in the most compact vans, especially useful when traveling in a small van and using a rear extension, providing a convenient solution for showering after a trip.

The essential point is that this option is cost-effective and portable, freeing you from concerns about complex installations or alterations inside your van.


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