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  • CARBEST PS1500U 12v 1500w power inverter
  • CARBEST PS1500U 12v 1500w power inverter

Pure Sine Wave Inverter

CARBEST PS1500U 12v 1500w power inverter

Ref: R82286
Brand: Reimo
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DC input voltage: 12V

Output voltage (± 5%): 230 V

Continuous power: 1500 W.

Rated power: 1500W.

Maximum power for a short time: 4500 W.

Switch-on threshold / undervoltage: 10.0 ± 0.5 V

Quiescent current: <1A

Efficiency: >90%

Fuse protection: yes

USB connection: yes

Remote control connection: yes

Weight: 4.7kg

Dimensions: 320 x 152 x 105mm.

PURE sine wave inverters replicate the mains voltage making the output voltage sometimes of better quality.

They are valid for any device that does not exceed the power of the inverter without causing damage, including high-quality laboratory devices, laptops, chargers for cameras or drones or microwave devices.

Automatic load detection: the inverter switches to a power saving mode if no power is consumed for one minute.

Fan control: If the temperature is too high, the built-in fan automatically turns on to cool down.

Aluminum housing: the aluminum housing has holes for mounting on the floor and wall.

Homologation for installation in vehicles (e-mark*/CE certificate).

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