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  • ISSE textile snow chain Super
  • ISSE textile snow chain Super

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ISSE textile snow chain Super

Ref: RMNOVC50062
Brand: Andorra Campers
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ISSE, super resistant textile chain recommended for intensive use, even for heavy vehicles.

Valid for cars, vans, trucks and 4×4.

Recyclable fabric, made of polyolefin or polyester, without metal parts. Ultra-resistant fibers used on oil rigs

Specific 3D braiding that provides greater durability and better grip in deep snow conditions.

It consists of a patented design that provides optimal traction on ice and snow.

Nanotechnology that deactivates some molecules responsible for bad odor and the development of bacteria.

Easy and fast fitting: place the cover on the tire as far as you can, starting from the top of the tire. Move the vehicle slightly forwards or backwards and finish adjusting the cover.

Do not drive at more than 40 km/h with the covers on.



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