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  • Thermometer OMNIA oven
  • Thermometer OMNIA oven
  • Thermometer OMNIA oven
  • Thermometer OMNIA oven

Kitchen Utensils

Thermometer OMNIA oven

Ref: R922175
Brand: Andorra Campers
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Width: 50mm
Color: Black/White
Height: 43mm
Depth: 43mm
Material: silicone/stainless steel

Not too hot, not too cold. The thermometer allows you to monitor the internal temperature of the food you bake and prepare in the Omnia. This means the food always turns out perfectly! The thermometer is primarily used to measure the internal temperature of the prepared food. The Omnia thermometer can also be easily attached to the hole in the lid using the included fastening screw. Please note that only the temperature in the upper part of the oven is then measured. The temperature in the lower part is higher. The center of gravity changes with the thermometer in the lid. Therefore, lift the lid carefully.

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