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  • Towball ski rack ANETO
  • Towball ski rack ANETO
  • Towball ski rack ANETO

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Towball ski rack ANETO

Ref: EAAEPK019
Brand: Towcar
705,30 €
Price for store pick up in Andorra (IGI 4,50% inclusive)

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The TowCar Aneto ski rack is foldable for easy access to the trunk even with loaded skis or snowboards.

TowCar Aneto allows you to place skis or snowboards comfortably and effortlessly.

It comes equipped with a folding light plate with pilots for five services.

Ski pairs: 4.

Snowboards: 4.

Pairs of skis and snowboards (2+2)


Dimensions: 97x35x65 cm (length x width x height).

Weight: 23kg.

Ski anti-theft.

Head anti-theft.

Electrical connection 7 and 13 poles.

TowCar Aneto allows you to save fuel and drive more comfortably, due to the absence of noise.

To calculate the maximum weight of skis and snowboards that can be transported, the net weight of the ski rack itself (23Kg) must be subtracted from the maximum load indicated in the vehicle owner's manual. For example, if the maximum vertical load of your car is 75 Kg, the maximum weight of the skis that you can place is indicated by the subtraction 75 - 23 = 52 Kg.

*Remember that the current regulations prohibit the load from protruding from the vehicle and, therefore, the skis cannot exit from the sides of the vehicle (remember that the mirrors are also counted as vehicle width).

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