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What is a Skylight?

A skylight, also known as a roof hatch, is an essential component in the roofs of motorhomes and campers. It serves both as a window and a ventilation device, offering numerous benefits. Skylights allow natural light to enter, improve air circulation, and offer a fascinating view of the night sky. Options range from simple manually operated variants to advanced models with additional features such as integrated fans, blackout blinds, and insect protection.

Which Brands of Skylights Exist?

Leading skylight manufacturers include brands like Carbest, Fiamma, Dometic, and Maxxair. We will now introduce the differences among various skylights from the Fiamma brand.

Fiamma Skylight

Fiamma offers various skylight models that can be adapted to various vehicle types without additional drilling. The models vary in size and equipment, with options available both with and without a fan. Fiamma skylights without a fan are characterized by their aerodynamic design, easy installation, continuous ventilation, mosquito nets, and the option for motorized opening. Sizes range from 28×28 cm to 50×50 cm.

Which Dekaseal for the Skylight?

For a secure installation of the skylight, the use of Butyl is essential to ensure effective sealing and prevent water ingress. One bottle of Dekaseal 8936 is sufficient for 40x40 cm skylights, although two bottles may be required for very uneven surfaces. For larger skylights, at least two bottles are recommended.

What is Butyl?

Butyl rubber, occasionally simply referred to as "Butyl," is a synthetic rubber made from isobutylene and isoprene. Butyl sealants offer exceptional adhesion and are therefore commonly used in motorhome construction. Butyl is paintable and remains flexible even at low temperatures, making it ideal for installing windows and skylights on motorhomes.

Which Sikaflex for the Skylight?

To achieve a sleek exterior profile of the skylight and prevent Butyl from extruding along the contour, Sikaflex 522 is used. One bottle of Sikaflex 522 is sufficient to seal multiple skylights.

Does the Skylight Need to Be Approved by MOT?

Yes, the installation of skylights requires approval by MOT, with specific technical standards to be met. The homologation process is relatively straightforward, but installation should ideally be carried out by professionals to avoid risks such as water ingress.

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