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Front Seat Folding Mattress - What You Should Know!

12 February 2024

When it comes to optimizing space in camper vans and motorhomes, the idea of transforming the front seats into a bed is undoubtedly a brilliant solution. Not only do we make the most of the available space, but we also add an extra sleeping spot, perfect for children or even adults up to a certain height. This solution is particularly handy in smaller vehicles where every inch counts.

Pros and Cons of a Front Seat Folding Mattress

Advantages of a Folding Front Seat Bed

Space Utilization: Efficiently utilizes the available space in smaller vehicles. 

Ease of Assembly: Simply unfold and place it over the front seats. 

Versatility: Ideal when traveling with a child or an extra guest; you can bring the additional bed or leave it at home if not needed.

Considerations when using a Front Seat Folding Bed

Space Sacrifice: While it optimizes sleeping space, this front seat mattress may take up space elsewhere in the vehicle.

Front Seat Folding Mattresses Volkswagen T5 T6
Front Seat Folding Mattresses Volkswagen

What are Front Seat Folding Mattresses Made Of?

Front seat folding mattresses are made of foam and a wooden board at the bottom, all enclosed within a fabric cover.

Common Materials Used in Front Seat Folding Mattresses

Front seat folding mattresses are typically constructed with layers of approximately 7 cm thick 25kg/m3 foam for comfort and a Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) base for rigidity and stability. These materials have been chosen for their durability and ability to withstand regular use, ensuring a long-term investment. Additionally, they include a zipper for easy cleaning of the cover.

Which Front Seat Bed Fits My Van?

We have front seat beds available for nearly all van models, including Fiat Ducato, Mercedes Clase V, Sprinter, Viano, Vito, Peugeot Boxer, Expert, Citroen Jumper, Jumpy, Opel Movano, Renault Master, Trafic, Nissan NV400, Iveco Daily, Ford Transit Custom, Transit, Toyota Proace, Volkswagen Caddy, Transporter, T4, T5, T6, and more.

You can see all the front seat beds and even mattresses that we have available.

How Do I Properly Install My Front Seat Mattress?

The installation of the front seat bed is simple: unfold the bed, preferably in the passenger area, and place it over the front seats. Adjust the seats as needed and secure the bed using the passenger seat belt to enhance its stability.

Front Seat Folding Mattresses Fiat Ducato
Front Seat Folding Mattresses

Does the Front Seat Bed Sink in the Middle Where There's a Gap between Seats?

The folding front seat bed maintains its straight shape thanks to the MDF board that extends from one seat to another, ensuring that it doesn't sink in the middle.

Do Front Seat Beds Take Up a Lot of Space?

In larger van models, such as the Fiat Ducato L2 or L3, when folded, they take up minimal space. They can be easily stored in the rear of the vehicle or on top of another bed. The approximate dimensions are 80 cm x 74 cm x 16 cm, depending on the model.


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