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What is a swivel seat base?

11 March 2024

Thanks to the swivel base, the driver's or passenger's seats in the camper van or RV can rotate 360 degrees.

The swivel base is mounted under the driver's or passenger's seat, which raises the seat by a few centimeters.

Swivel bases allow for optimal use of the limited space in the RV by rotating the seats. The driver's and passenger's seats easily transform into a seating group by rotating them 180 degrees.

Advantages of a swivel base in the camper van:

The pivot point is located in the center.

Roller bearings allow for smooth rotation.

Cables can pass through the pivot axis, which works even with seat heating, airbags, and other existing cables.

The base is also compatible with the original passenger seat with height adjustment; height adjustability is retained.

Installation without drilling or welding; the base is mounted between the seat base and the original slides with special screws.

Swivel base Camper and Van
Swivel base Camper

Which brand of swivel bases do we usually use?

Due to their good price and wide range of models, we usually use Scopema swivel bases. It is a manufacturer that delivers high-quality results and guarantees the possibility of approval.

We have swivel bases available for all common models. If your desired model is not available, contact us at

Installation of the swivel base. How to install a swivel base in the camper van?

Every vehicle is different. Here's how to install the swivel base using a VW T5 / T6 / T6.1 as an example.

Attention! The swivel base cannot be mounted on an electrically adjustable driver's or passenger's seat.


  1. Remove the car key to avoid errors when starting later.

2. Remove the rear cover of the passenger seat. 

  • Attention! In the T6.1, it is necessary to disconnect the interior lighting from the cover.

3. Move the passenger seat all the way back and remove the front screws.

4. Move the passenger seat all the way forward and remove the rear screws.

5. Gently tilt the passenger seat backward, but do not lower it completely. 

  • Note: It's best to have another person hold the seat while tilting it backward.

6. Memorize the connections or take a photo of them, then disconnect all cables.

7. Carefully lower the seat. Note: Original screws are no longer needed.

8. Place the swivel base on the seat base and thread the wiring through the hole in the center of the swivel base. Note: To rotate the top plate, lift the white lever upward.

9. Secure the swivel base with the supplied screws, then rotate the plate back. 

  • Tip: Tighten the screws slightly at first until they all catch, then tighten them completely.

10. Place the seat on the swivel base, but do not fully place it on the seat base and reconnect the cables to their original locations.

11. Mount the seat with the supplied screws and a washer each. 

  • Tip: Slightly rotate the swivel base with the seat to facilitate screw mounting.

12. If you wish to use the original seat trim, the upper part must be cut off.

13. To rotate the seat, move it all the way back and slightly upward, otherwise, the plastic cover will get stuck. 

  • Note: When rotating the seat, make sure to always turn it in the opposite direction of the initial rotation (not in circles), otherwise, the lower cables could disconnect.

14. Pull the iron lever upward and rotate the seat clockwise. Pay attention to cup holders and sun visors, if deployed or folded down. 

  • Note: For safety reasons, the swivel base does not lock in the rotated position. Before each trip, rotate the swivel base back to the starting position.

Swivel base for double bench seat

We mainly work with the Scopema brand, which unfortunately does not have a swivel base for a double bench seat in its range.

Does the swivel base need to be approved by the MOT?

The answer is yes. Fortunately, the swivel base is one of the simplest components of a camper van conversion that needs approval. In Germany, you simply need to present the TÜV certificate from Scopema.

But how do you get this certificate? Simply send us an email at after purchase, and we will send it to you.

How much does it cost to install a swivel base?

The installation of a swivel base start at 50 €. The exact costs may vary depending on the vehicle model.

In some models, adjustments to the handbrake or modifications to the plastic cover may be necessary.

We carry out the installation exclusively with swivel seat bases purchased from our store to exclude any defects and issues with the products.

Do you want to install a swivel base in your camper van or RV?

Our specialized team will gladly take care of the installation for you!

Feel free to contact us by email at!