Ref: C/02

Precio mostrado con impuestos de Andorra, recogida en Andorra.


2 puertas laterales con mosquiteras. Escala. 3 almohadas y 1 colchón. Peso: 57kg.

Altura cerrada: 30cm - Altura abierta: 150cm

Medidas exteriores: 145x210cm - Medidas cama: 135x200cm


1.960,00 €
PVP (Impuestos incluidos)
NO hacemos envíos fuera de Andorra.
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1-2 - The entire outer structure is made of polyester and fibreglass, which makes it all weather resistant and prevents it from ageing, discolouring or losing shape. It can also be easily repaired, avoiding the cost of replacing the whole shell.

3 - Airtex fabric. Waterproof, tear and mould resistant, it can be folded even when wet and doesn’t absorb or retain water.

4 - Two arched openings fitted with a water diversion system to stop water seeping through and with fine mesh mosquito net.

5 - Fastener with adjustable hook and padlock ring.

6 - Adjustable ladder fixed by hooks.

7 - The inside of the roof is fitted with anti-condensation insulation.

8 - Mattress and pillows. The mattress has anti-condensation insulation underneath.

9 - Two strong “C” shaped guides
built into the fibreglass to adjust fitting on any vehicle.

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