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May 1st CLOSED

That's why you need a CHARGING BOOSTER when installing the second battery set in EURO 6 vehicles!

20 February 2023

Many customers describe autonomy problems in the secondary batteries of their new vans with EURO 6 engines.

This is often due to installations with a load relay to ensure separation between the first and second battery.

We have repeatedly been able to prove that the classic relay is not suitable for this separation of the batteries in EURO 6 engines.

Energy saving and stabilization systems also affect the battery charge.

For this reason, EURO 6 engines must always be fitted with 12V on 12V chargers/chargers instead of the classic relay used on older vehicles (the change is usually made between 2014 and 2015).

If you don't want the fridge to stop, the heating to go out at midnight, or similar because the batteries are badly charged, always install a charging booster together with the spare batteries of your EURO 6 van.