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  • VECHLINE 3000W SoPure inverter
  • VECHLINE 3000W SoPure inverter

Pure Sine Wave Inverter

VECHLINE 3000W SoPure inverter

Ref: TG15939438
Brand: Vechline
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The SoPure range of pure sine wave inverters is the solution for supplying power to electronic devices that require a clean and stable current to function (LED TV, computers, etc.) and to start devices that consume power (refrigerator, freezer...).

Designed exclusively for recreational vehicles, they are designed to work safely (protection against polarity reversals, short circuits, external fuses,...).

All models are equipped with a remote control to easily turn the converter on/off without having to access it.

The 2000W and 3000W inverters also incorporate a priority system so that they work through the factory-installed plugs in the home vehicle in complete safety.

Gross weight: 10.5kg.

Rated Power: 3000W

Maximum output power: 6000W

Sector Priority: Yes

Signal: Pure Sine

Rated input voltage: 12 V DC (10-16 V)

Rated output voltage: 230 V AC +/- 5%

Frequency: 50Hz +/-1Hz

Efficiency: >85%

Fan Cooling: Yes

Remote control: yes

Overheat protection: alarm and shutdown

Overload protection: off

Battery low voltage alarm: 10.5V +/- 0.2V

Battery low voltage cut-off: 10V +/- 0.2V

Reverse polarity protection: Yes

Short circuit protection: Yes

Power cable length / section cut: 2 cables 80 cm, 25 mm2

On/Off Switch: Yes

Operation / alarm indicators: Yes External fuses: 8 x 35 A

French outlet with safety shutters: 1 French outlet

Side fixing brackets: Yes

5 volt 2100mA USB output: 1

Cells of battery types: lead acid; AGM, Gel, LiFePO4,

Calcium output voltage (DC): 12 V

Dimensions (mm): 410 * 220 * 150.

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